Transducers for Pt-100 and Resistors

General Description

These transducers convert the resistance of a resistive sensor (e.g., Pt-100) to a temperature or resistance dependant linear signal (e.g., 0-10 V or 4-20 mA) or into a frequency output (max. 10 kHz). The measurement range and zero-point of the DIL-programmabale transducers are selected by DIL-switches in steps of 10° or 10 Ohm using simple binary codes (10, 20, 40, ...). Various operating modes can also be selected via DIL-switches (2-, 3-, or 4-wire connection, voltage or current output). All settings are calibrated.

Our newest generation of programmable transducers (IR 1XX, IR 2XX) allow the setting of almost any desirable range via a RS232-interface. This interface allows also the download of measurement values (AD-converter), calibration date, serial number and more.

  • With optional galvanic isolation of input and output, 2- or 3-port isolation, test voltage 1-3 kV.
  • Linearization for Pt-100/1000.
  • Fixed-range types: Input and output ranges selectable as desired, factory calibrated.
  • Programmable types: all ranges and settings can be selected via DIL-switches or via RS232 (depending on module).
  • Different housings available.
  • Secure against short circuits, connection reversal, up to 30 VDC overvoltage.
  • Many options: Different isolaton classes, limit switch, multiplexer, digital interface, frequency output.



Modules for DIN-Rails, 23mm

Type Output Power supply Range
RTM 70/71 V 21-30V/ ±15V fixed
RTM 82/83 0/4-20mA 21-30V/ ±15V fixed
RTM 90-P/R V, 0/4-20mA 19-30V progr. (DIL)
RTM 80/81 4-20mA 2-D, 12-30V fixed
RTM 100-P/R 4-20mA 2-D, 13-30V progr. (DIL)
ISOR 70 V/Iso. 21-30V/ ±15V fixed
ISOR 90-P/R V/Iso. 19-30V progr. (DIL)
ISOR 80/81 4-20mA/Iso. 2-D, 13.5-30V fixed
ISOR 100-P/R 4-20mA/Iso. 2-D, 13.5-30V progr. (DIL)
IR 270 V/Iso. 17-30V fixed (RS232)
IR 282 I/Iso. 17-30V fixed (RS232)
IR 290 V, 0/4-20mA/Iso. 17-30V progr. (RS232)


Modules for DIN-Rails, 6.2mm

Type Output Power supply Range
IR 170 V/Iso 13-30V fixed
IR 182 0/4-20mA/Iso 13-30V fixed
IR 190 V, 0/4-20mA/Iso 13-30V progr. (RS232)


Printed Circuit Board/Euro-Card Modules

Type Output Power supply Range
SIGR 10/11 V 14-30V/ ±15V fixed
SIGR 32/33 0/4-20mA 14-30V fixed
SIGR 15-P/R V, 0/4-20mA 16-30V progr. (DIL)
SIGR 30/31 4-20mA 2-D, 9-30V fixed
SIGR 35-P/R 4-20mA 2-D, 10-30V progr. (DIL)
ISOR 10/11 V/Iso. 14-30V/ ±15V fixed
ISOR 30/31 4-20 mA/Iso. 2-D, 10-30V fixed
IR 210/211 V/Iso. 17-30V fixed (RS232)
IR 232/233 0/4-20 mA/Iso. 17-30V fixed (RS232)
IR 215/216 V, 0/4-20 mA/Iso. 17-30V progr. (RS232)


Modules for DIN-Heads (Type B)

Type Output Power supply Range
RTM 40/41 4-20mA 2-D, 12-30V fixed


Printed Circuit Board Modules

Type Output Power supply Range
RTM 10/11 V 14-30V/ ±15V fixed
RTM 30/31 4-20mA 2-D, 12-30V fixed
RTM 32/33 0/4-20mA 14-30V fixed
RTM 60 V ±15V fixed

Iso.: Transducer with galvanic isolation between input and output (option: 3-port isolation).
2-D: 2-wire module (4-20 mA), power supply and signal over the same wire.
3P: 3-port-isolation (including power supply), test voltage 1 to 3 kV depending on module.
fixed: input and output range selected as desired (required range to be specified when ordering).
fixed (RS232): input and output range selected as desired (required range to be specified when ordering), programming only in factory, option: potentiometer.
progr. (DIL): User programmable module (via DIL switches), with potentiometer.
progr. (RS232): User programmable module (via RS232 interface), potentiometer as option.

When ordering, please specify:

  • module type
  • accuracy class (A, C, or D)
  • input range (in °C, K or Ohm)
  • output range (in mA, V or Hz)
  • supply voltage (in V, uni- or bipolar)
  • Only the module type and accuracy class (A, C or D) has to be specified for programmable versions. If required, module can be precisely set for a specific range.

Detailed Data Sheets